Laying the Foundation of Academic Excellence

At Academy 4 Kids we use a creative approach to learning encouraging students to explore their environment through art and music. We use a balanced approach to teaching literacy with our reading corners and writing centers. Our classrooms are divided by age. We follow weekly thematic units.

Infants (6-15 months)

Our infant program is designed for infants to explore their natural environment through their five senses. Our qualified staff will provide a warm and nurturing environment that encourages infants to reach milestones, and improve mobility and coordination in a safe environment.

Toddlers (15-24 months)

From socializing to stories, to art and music, our toddler’s day is filled with fun. While making friends and learning colors and shapes, your toddler will grow self-esteem from positive social interactions. Our toddler program offers a balance of learning, physical activities, and quite playtime.

Pre-K (3-5 years)

Join our pre-k program to help prepare your child for kindergarten. Our structured days include circle time, math centers, science centers, writing centers, and dramatic play. Your child’s creativity will be encouraged through expression in art and play

After School (6-12 years)

We offer before and after school care for your child to continue their day of learning
and fun. We provide transportation to and from schools. Come see our creative program that offers plenty of activities ranging from music to sports and games. We ensure children complete their homework while providing age appropriate curriculum.

We celebrate childhood with our special calendar of events.
Each month we plan various days, such as pajama, sport, bubble, and water days.

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