Our team of teachers work together to plan engaging thematic units that will offer your child a day full of excitement and learning. In addition to teaching your child math, science, reading, and writing we divulge ourselves deeper into the arts. Let your child discover his or her real potential.


We encourage children to use their imagination and explore their surroundings. During art children use their fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination. We encourage children’s creativity and free thinking.

Music and Dance

Children are encouraged to sing and create their own music. Teachers provide children with materials such as ribbons to use during dance to explore music and movement


Through literacy and dramatic play centers children engage in daily role playing. This encourages children to expand their vocabulary, and communication skills. Teachers develop prop boxes for each theme so students can immerse themselves deeper into what they are learning.

We celebrate childhood with our special calendar of events.
Each month we plan various days, such as pajama, sport, bubble, and water days.

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